Contest Winners


T. DiTullio

February 2012  Valentines contest

T. DiTullio won a Nifty Fifties Gift Card

March 2012 St. Patrick's contest

L. Dresh won a Nifty Fifties Gift Card


S. Cleary

A. Ferri

Contest: "Liking" us on Facebook

S. Cleary won a Kindle

January 2012 Count the Footballs

A. Ferri won a Nifty Fifties Gift Card

H. Turner

C. Craig

November 2011:

H. Turner won a VISA gift card

December 2011: Guess the number of snowballs

C. Craig won a Visa Gift Card

E. Pennypacker

D. Strauss

September 2011: Guess the number of peanuts in the jar

E. Pennypacker won Phillies Tickets

October 2011: Guess the pumpkins in the jar.

D. Strauss


M. Russo

V. Falzarano

June 2011: Fathers Day Drawing

M. Russo' s dad won a Home Depot Gift Card

July 2011:

V. Falzarano won

O. Carini

Moms win!

March 2011: Guess How Many Lucky Charms

O. Carini won

May 2011: Our Patient's Moms got massages

Every mom wins!

J. Satterfield
T. Pacerra


Jan/Feb 2011: Guess How Many Hearts in the Jar

J. Satterfield won

Jan. 2011 Referral Contest

T.Pacerra won 

E. Dougherty

M. Appel

Nov 2010: Guess How Many Nuts in the Jar
E. Dougherty guessed 583.

Dec 2010: Guess How Many Snowballs
M. Appel guessed 1751.

P. Briggs

S. Flank

Guess the Number of Pencils & Erasers
P. Briggs won an Office Max gift card.

Guess the Weight of the Pumpkin
S. Flank guessed 113.7 pounds.

M. Janocha and Dad

M. Morrone

Father's Day Raffle
Mr. Janocha won a Home Depot gift card.

Summertime Drawing
M. Morrone won tickets to Morey's Pier.

A. Boncardo

P. Ebinger and Mom

Guess the Number of Peanuts
A. Boncardo won a zoo gift card.

Mother's Day Raffle
Mrs. Ebinger won a Rizzeri's gift card.

J. Holdiman

R. Goldschmidt

Guess the Number of Jelly Beans
J. Holdiman won a VISA gift card.

Guess the Number of coins
R. Goldschmidt won bowling tickets.  

D. DeVuono

J. Lewbart

Guess the Super Bowl Score
The first winner was D. DeVuono.

Guess the Super Bowl Score
The second winner was J. Lewbart. 

M. O'Hara

K. Golden

Guess the Super Bowl Score
The third winner was M. O'Hara.

Christmas Candy Count
Winner of a gift certificate was K. Golden. 

T. Hollingsworth

R. Duffy

Guess the Pumpkin's weight
Winner of a gift certificate was T. Hollingsworth.

Summer Camera Drawing
Winner of the Kodak Camera was R. Duffy!

Mr. Calderon and Omar

Mrs. K. Burke

Father's Day Drawing
Winner of a gift certificate to Lowes was O. Calderon's Dad.

Mother's Day Drawing
Winner of a gift certificate to Rizzieri Spa is Mrs. K. Burke.

M. Vukicevich

S. Scaffidi

Guess the number of eggs
Winner M. Vukicevich

The Oscar Raffle
Winner is S. Scaffidi 

S. Luan

I. Ruszkai

Guess the number of hearts
Winner is S. Luan

Guess the staff Baby Picture
Winner is I. Ruszkai