Damon System

See the Difference


Crooked teeth? No Problem for Kadar Orthodontics. Overbite? No Problem for Dr. Kadar and his trained team. Want straight teeth without extractions? No Problem because Dr. Kadar is a Certified Damon System™ orthodontist. For these orthodontic problems and many others, Dr. Kadar uses the Damon System of braces on all of his patients 100% of the time. And he has done so for over thirteen years!

The Damon System is a whole new way of treating patients, without compromising the graceful arch and rounded profile that makes a beautiful smile. For our patients, this means that their orthodontic treatment will be faster, with fewer appointments, more comfortable and achieve better results (i.e. SMILES!) How does it work? Three simple ways:

Damon braces eliminate the need for elastic ties (the colored ties you see on traditional braces), so there's less friction and pressure. Your teeth will move into place freely and more quickly
Special "memory" wires require fewer adjustments. For you, there will be fewer appointments (on average 4-5 visits/year -14-18 months' treatment time).
By using gentler, more biologically sensible forces than conventional braces, the Damon System assures improved tooth position and improved facial harmony (a fancy word for a terrific smile)

Dr. Kadar chose the Damon System for all his patients. His expertise, combined with his sensitivity to your unique needs, makes Kadar Orthodontics - and the Damon System - a more "natural" choice for your entire family!

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