I was nervous about wearing an appliance ... but it was no problem. Now I have a winning smile!

Meet Tina

Tina's StoryTina Before Treatment

Tina is also one of my extra special patients because she was so easy going and she is my niece. As a dentist you always hope your relatives have easy problems to solve, unfortunately, Tina didn’t get the memo. She had crowding, a narrow upper jaw, a small lower jaw and significant protrusion of her upper teeth. We did not feel extraction would be best for her face so we expanded her upper jaw and reduced the protrusion using a Herbst appliance. She dealt with our most challenging appliances without complaint and her result is a beautiful, lasting smile.

Tina's Treatment

  • Diagnosis: Crowding and crooked teeth
  • Treatment: Damon Brace System + Herbst Appliance
  • Number of Appointments: 18
  • Length of Treatment: 26 Months